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Sell Chinese shoes best use "in the version of" shoe last - shoes, shoes, shoe tree - shoe

by jekky
in News / Business News (submitted 2010-10-31)

HC shoe net October 15 hearing, "Many people think that wearing high-grade imported shoes will not hurt foot, which is actually wrong." Yesterday, the national public research projects??? Chinese foot-shaped Law of the project team leader, said Qiu Li, on the country's 22 provinces three thousand workers of different ages in the foot-shaped samples of the Chinese study found that Chinese foot type and foot shape significantly different from the Europeans, the data parameters in accordance with European production of foot-shaped "imported shoes" is not suitable for Chinese people's feet.
Shoes sold to the Chinese people better use "of the Chinese version" Shoe tree
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Status: After the shift the focus of Chinese foot, toes longer
Ms. Qiu Li said since the founding of new China, the state had collected from 1965 to 1968 had a foot-shaped sample, and in accordance with the relevant data parameters, to develop codes of Chinese shoes, shoe tree (the system Shoes mold A), etc.. In developed countries, generally 5 to 10 years will be on foot shape database update. 2001 to 2004, by the Ministry of Science project, she led by China Leather And footwear and other four units of Industrial Technology Research Institute jointly set up research groups, in-depth country's 22 provinces, cities, collecting samples of Chinese foot-shaped. 2 ~ 17-year-old age, each age group separately collected; adults were divided into youth, elderly and other age groups to collect.
The cases were collected three thousand foot-shaped sample, and the establishment of the China Digital foot shape database. Ms. Qiu Li said, through an extensive study found that compared to the Chinese people foot shape and Europeans are apparently different. Such as children's foot shape, foot-shaped partial width of Chinese children, partial feet thick, but the foot straight side, bent to the inside of a large arc less than European children. Because there is difference between foot shape, the Chinese children and European children in the body center of gravity, shoes and other stress points, the parameters are different.
The same time, and 40 years ago, the Chinese people bigger heel, foot Turn the toes longer. As the focus moved back foot, with one exercise, exercise less and less, the Chinese trend is worsening flat feet. The samples of different regions through comparative analysis, the researchers also found that, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places, it was more obvious flatfoot. "Currently available data show that in economically developed areas, flat feet apparently high proportion of patients." Qiu Li said that this trend is the evolution of human body can not be avoided. Consequences is likely to increase in patients with cervical disease, and obviously there is getting younger and younger.
Is in accordance with the latest in this research collected data parameters, the relevant departments to urgently formulate a new code of Chinese shoes, shoe last (shoe mold), etc.. At the same time, the State Standardization Committee also held an emergency project, the completion of China's shoe last GB??? China's shoe last series (GB/T3293-1982). Reporter yesterday from the National Standardization Committee inquiry found that, in September 2008, the formal implementation of the national standard, Department of State recommended standard.
Reminder: Do not think that wearing high "import shoes" would not hurt foot
Qiu Li said part of the domestic and international brand footwear, as developers understand the lack of relevant expertise, often "quoted European standards", "import reference standards" and proud, many consumers have always thought that when the election shoes wear high "import shoes" would not hurt foot, in fact, wrong. The so-called "import shoes", is the use of European standards or European foot-shaped shoe last data parameters produced shoes. These shoes can be very good texture and fabric, breathable, Environmental protection , But not for Chinese foot shape. Fortunately, now part of the internationally renowned shoe brands have begun to foot shape database according to parameters of Asians or Chinese foot shape database parameters, production for the Chinese people's shoes.
Qiu Li, reminds consumers that choose shoes, the most simple way is to Sole Upward, compared the size of sole curvature. Chinese foot shape was relatively linear, the Europeans feet, a relatively large curvature. In particular, is in the stage of growth and development of children, long-wearing slim of "imported" Children's shoes Not only detrimental to health, serious illness may induce a variety of leg and even affect the body.
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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Personally going to the shoe store earlier than shopping for yourself some shoes

by Onie Koen
in Shopping (submitted 2011-05-09)

Shoes, like clothes, form an integral part of our shopping list and like clothes shoes also change according to the prevailing fashion. One should be able to make several visits to the shoe store that is nearby or even going to the big cities and looking at the latest trends when it comes to shoes with the help of the employees at the store who will be able to give you a walk through of all the major brands that they are stocking at their store. Most of these store that are this big are usually part of even bigger chains that will actually provide the best services when it comes to assisting the customer to select the shoes that are most suitable for them.
The marketing of shoes has come a long way from the old times and it is now a very professionally run industry with an annual turnover of over twenty billion dollars. Companies are now able to market their shoes in a fashion that is considered very aggressive which could actually be attributed to the fact that they produce them in a very large scale. Shoe store forms the last point of the sale of shoes in a long chain that starts from the production of raw material for the shoe. Some of the categories of shoes include
Ladies and gents and kids shoes
Formal occasion shoes
Athletic shoes
The sneakers, sleepers and even sandals
There are specialized stores that sell a particular category of shoes and there are stores that sell the whole range. The family customers are normally attracted to the shoe store that will deal in the entire range. On the other hand, the demanding customers will be taken care of through the stores that actually offer the specialized range. Although marketing of the shoes has greatly gone online, there are still several people that are actually interested in trying out the shoes and have a feel of them before making the actual purchase.
Ever since the 1970, there has been a renewed interest in fitness by most of the people and thereby contributing to the fact that the number of sport shoes that are being sold form the largest just of sales. This fact led to the establishment of several stores across the US that would specifically deal in the athletic shoes and selling them exclusively meant that they would capture a large part of the population. In these stores, you will be able to get the shoes at a price that has been greatly discounted.
Over the last few decades; there are many changes that have been witnessed in the shoe store. Initially, the shoes were simply put on the shelves in a disorganized manner that they would spill all over but racks today are very organized. According to a survey store must offer proper light, smell, color, touch and sight to influence the customer, these sensory feelings are denied to the customer if shopping is done on line. The employees at the store are well trained to suggest the best shoe for your feet. The shopping experience at a shoe store makes it worth visiting again and again.
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